923 occult meaning

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923 occult meaning

There are many symbols and occult references that stand out in today's music culture. From the historical artifacts musical artists carry around today, it seems the occult world has never really gone away—in fact, it has become more flagrant and blatant. The problem is that many are unaware of the meanings behind what they consider to be purely artistic entertainment with no real hidden meanings, or agendas behind them.

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However, there are many artists who promote their music using occult influences. The following evidence will show striking similarities with occult ideologies that are synonymous with popular mainstream artists in the music industry.

The following information presented will parallel accounts from ancient cultures to recent ones.

923 occult meaning

There are too many similarities for it to be just a coincidence. The music culture has aligned itself with something much more than just poetic lyrics and catchy sounds.

The symbolic veil is thinning between the physical and spiritual realm, but many are too blind to see it.

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It is important to be aware of the occult agenda that is manifesting in greater force these days. Kanye West is a popular music artist who promotes his music with imagery that has deep occult meaning rooted in Freemasonry.

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The representation of the pillars behind him is ubiquitous with many cultures as an entrance or gateway that holds the key to power and enlightenment. Kanye West is pictured at the gateway as the chosen one representing the hidden rulers of the world that reside behind him. The ancient Egyptian god Horus was considered to be the sky god who was represented in the symbol of the single all-seeing eye. The one eye is the most well known in occult symbolism and is where the Great Seal of the United States originates from.

The symbolism of Horus is very important in Freemasonry. The path of the initiate through the Masonic degrees is descriptive of the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened. The pillared gateway is for the exclusive illuminated ones. Kanye West is seen wearing a Horus pendant that has importance and significant meaning, not only in ancient Egyptian culture, but in Freemasonry as well.

The horned females next to Kanye represent two goddesses of ancient Egypt, Isis and Hathor. Isis was the goddess of nature, magic, and motherhood. Hathor was the goddess of music, dance, and fertility.

They are known as the protectors of the dead as they journey into the afterlife. In the occult, the initiate symbolically dies and is reborn. Kanye West is standing under the Sword of Damocles as part of a Masonic ritual to obtain the 33rd degree. This rite happens in public, and the more there are witnesses, the more power is given.

In a metaphorical sense, Kanye West kills off his former self and is reborn to receive power right in front of his public audience. Kanye interrupted her by taking the mic and said that Beyonce had the best video of all-time.

As part of a Masonic initiation, Taylor Swift was to be humiliated in front of her peers when receiving her first prestigious award before the queen of the ceremony, Beyonce Knowles. Proceeding the humiliation, Taylor Swift was allowed to have her moment appearing in a red dress with Beyonce who was wearing a dress of the same colour. As they both hugged, all of a sudden some text flashed above them on the TV screen as they embraced.

The message or text was:. Many fail to see the symbolic display of Taylor Swift's initiation as being one of the chosen ones who is part of an exclusive inside group. The ordeal she had to go through was the rite of passage through an occult ritual that was performed in public music.Occult symbols, however, is another issue.

Although they mostly go unrecognized, be sure that you see occult symbols quite frequently in your daily lives. With their meanings depending on the culture, occult symbols are used in many different countries throughout the world. If you would like to know more about them, here are the most common occult symbols and their meanings. Probably one of the most-recognized occult symbols is the pentagram or pentacle, as well as the inverted pentagram. This is a shape that is drawn in a single, continuous line, and it has no beginning or end.

The five points make this a sacred symbol, as five is a mystical number. Both the pentacle and the pentagram are used in witchcraft, while the inverted pentagram is known as a Satanic symbol. One of the oldest and most universal occult symbols is the hexagram, which is also known as the Star of David. This is an important symbol in Judaism representing the union of male and female, as well as fire and water.

Hexagram is probably one of the oldest symbols, if not the oldest one, used to represent the creation of mankind. The All-Seeing Eye symbol is often used in divination and sometimes in magic.

While it is commonly recognized as a Masonic symbol it is also associated with the Illuminati. The Yin-Yang is a powerful symbol that represents the two major forces in the world complementing one another which cannot exist without their counterpart.

These forces are considered to be light and dark, male and female, earth and heavens, water and fire, and sun and moon. The symbol also represents the perfect balance we were born with, then lost and will spend our lives to regain. This symbol was first seen as a gargoyle on a building, and is often used by satanic cults, with the head placed in the center of an inverted pentagram. When used by Satanists, this symbol is referred to as the Judas Goat.

Often mistaken as a Christian symbol, the Celtic Cross symbol actually dates back to the pre-Christian period to BC and is also referred to as the solar cross. In Celtic traditions, the Celtic Cross represents the sun god of Celts.I came across this website.

These 10 Illuminati Control Symbols Bombard You Everyday & You Don’t Know

So I thought that I should share it with everyone. I still have more reading to do for my self. But if you are interested then, please enjoy this and it may take you on a deeper journey. Not actually a physical person, more like a negative entity. I in no way endorse this website either, I urge caution and an open mind. Trust nothing on this earth these days. We live in a time of false prophets and liars. I myself do not have the answers, none of us do, or else we would not be here.

Occult Symbolism That Is Hidden in Plain Sight

A good honest person is in no danger of losing their soul to evil. It is those that are tempted by the darkness that are at risk. The individual must do that themselves. It is a journey within the self to find the purity of soul that saves you.

923 occult meaning

There is no second coming of Christ, it is spin put out to cause confusion. You can thank the Vatican and organised religion for the myth or lie about being saved by a supreme being, that never existed in the first place. So many people have been murdered, tortured and have killed in the name of a false prophet for thousands of years, and think that they will be rewarded for this evil.

I don't think so folks! The human ego is so easy to fool. Humans are gullible and have an in built need to please and to be needed. They have been conditioned to think this way from birth.

Illuminati & occult symbolism of Easter

To me Religion and Psychiatry go hand in hand as a mutual con job on humanity. They are both controlled at the very top by the same power elites. A Google search can easily confirm this too. It is not rocket science, just an elaborate con job that has been played out for aeons. Most people are too lazy to do the research. I am not here to do that work for you either.

Just like you, I have to find the truth for myself. Sometimes I am lead up the wrong path. I have no intention of misleading any one. So be your own guide.

93 (Thelema)

After all that is why you are on this Earth, to be your own guide.Posted By Isaac Weishaupt on Apr 18, 11 comments. The holiday known as Easter is typically a time spent by Christians to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, there is an occult meaning attached to it that needs explored. It celebrates the return of Semiramis in her reincarnated form of Spring Goddess, Eostre.

This is part of the revolving phases of the Triple Goddess of the female deity, mentioned earlier. The Easter egg is a Babylonian legend that claims the goddess Ishtar aka Semiramis fell from heaven in an egg. The Easter Eostre egg hunt is based from the tradition of looking for Ishtar and finding her.

This would allow her to be reborn and bestow blessings on the person. The rabbit symbol comes about because of the speed of procreation, which just went along with the fertility legend. The tradition of fasting for Lent is supposedly a tradition that comes from the Babylonian god Tammuz.

Tammuz was believed to be killed by a wild boar he was hunting, and the consumption of ham on Easter is a symbolic reference to this event. I reconcile all of these odd occult connections with the fact that it symbolically means something different today, and to my faith then it did when these traditions were instilled.

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The Christian concept for Lent is a commemoration of the forty days Jesus spent fasting in the desert and eluded the temptations of the Devil remember the Obama-Devil on History Channel? Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them.

The passage seems to indicate there was a mourning period for Tammuz, which is accepted as historically accurate. The passage is a vision given to the prophet Ezekiel, and it was meant to show that the people were worshipping the wrong gods e.

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Tammuz and other sun gods. As mentioned in the other holidays, the Tower of Babel had a temple to Moloch at the top.According to Illuminati Agenda :. The motivation behind this brazen move is that it actually gives them a perverse kick to know that despite elements of truth or pieces of the puzzle being hidden in plain sight, the masses still remain largely ignorant, plus they also believe that by subconsciously placing their sinister symbols in front of the public they are actually tricking them into unwittingly handing over their consent, the very thing that allows the few to rule over the many.

While there are many different illuminati and occult symbols that each hold distinct value to the men behind the curtain, here is a list of ten of the most prevalent that you can see being deviously displayed to the world via the various institutions of mass mind control.

Within the lines of the inverted pentagram sits the head of Baphomet, a demonic goat god that the illuminati idolize. Inside its centre also lies a pentagon, the very same shape and name of the U.

Then, at the satanic capital of the world Washington D. Keep telling yourself that. Frequently, those in the positions of power and influence can be seen making strange hand gestures that most of their unconscious followers would not even register, let alone believe symbolised something untoward.

World leaders and idolised celebrities alike have been repeatedly caught out by the more vigilant amongst us making what are essentially satanic hand signals in front of the masses. When used by the illuminati and its minions however, the ancient symbol represents the horns of Satan, the devil, or the goat god that they repeatedly reference throughout their sinister symbolism.

Obama, Bush and the rest of the dark suits in control are unlikely diehard heavy metal fans so whenever they are seen to be casually flipping the horns in front of millions, they are not displaying their fondness for a certain musical genre but are actually saluting their dark lord, Satan himself.

Whether it be capitalising corporations or idolised celebrity puppets, the symbolism is never usually too far away. Whilst to the uninformed, a beautiful goddess holding an illuminating torch may not seem particularly sinister, to the twisted illuminati it very much is and it is used as an unsuspecting means to symbolise their dark beliefs.

The enduring goddess represents the female equivalent of demonic male deities like Lucifer the light-bringer, without whom the ruling bloodlines believe there would be no slave race over which to rule and this is the reason why we repeatedly see so much attention being drawn to both the goddess and the eternal flame through the numerous illuminati controlled media outlets today.

The Olympic torch for example, which was first used in by the Nazis is now ceremoniously passed from pillar to post or pyramid to pentagram allowing the unwitting masses to bask in the light of Lucifer, while almost every major female celebrity puppet goes through a predictable phase of global goddess role-play which gives the entertainment illuminati their occult kicks. Freemasonry, the biggest secret society in the world, has always been intrinsically linked to the illuminati.

The lower degrees of the secret society, or what most people would consider Freemasonry in its entirety actually hold no real authority, instead, it is the unseen upper echelons that only the initiated few reach, that hold the real secrets. Albert Pike, a Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and supposed satanist, in a letter to fellow high-ranking Mason Giuseppe Mazzini, allegedly predicted three world wars that would lead to global domination or a new world order with the third being caused by differences between political zionists and those of the Islamic world.

This tall, four sided phallic pillar or monolith usually featuring a pyramid at its apex, has been constructed by the illuminati for centuries as a flagrant symbol of their power and unseen authority. Almost every town and city in the world features an imposing illuminati obelisk of some sort, from Washington D. From ancient myths like George and the Dragon to more modern portrayals encompassing corporate identities and hollywood blockbusters, lizard-like beasts play a significant role in illuminati imagery.

Why else would we be repeatedly exposed to so much hierarchical repulsive reptilian imagery? Ask yourself why. The pyramid and the all-seeing eye are of course the most obvious and commonly used symbols of the illuminati and anyone who wants to be perceived as being a part of the illuminati. Supposedly symbolising the enlightenment that the illuminati believe they have attained, the pyramid and all-seeing eye also stand for hierarchy and control and as with much of the their tedious occult symbolism the pyramid harks back to the ruling ancient egyptian bloodlines that the psychopaths in power today believe they are the distant descendants of, with the all-seeing eye representing the violent eye of Horus, a symbol of royal authority in ancient Egypt.

The Monarch butterfly is used by those within the entertainment industry to symbolise the trauma based mind control techniques being carried out predominantly on the female celebrity performing puppets we see relentlessly paraded in front of the idolising masses.

Used in this context, the butterfly refers to the now declassified Project MK-ULTRA, a sadistic mind control program developed by the CIA comprising a combination of psychology, science and occult ritual which was tested extensively on the military as well as civilians.

It is no mere coincidence then, that we see butterflies and Monarch butterflies in particular as a recurring theme permeating the artificial, illuminati influenced entertainment industry today.

The owl is another somewhat sinister animal the illuminati have adopted to symbolise their serendipitous ways. Representative of wisdom and secrecy, the owl sees in the dark similar to how the illuminati who also believe they are the custodians of some forbidden knowledge see all through their elevated institutions of control.

To them the owl also represents Minerva, an ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and as we shall see from the next symbol on the list, the Goddess figure also plays an incredibly important role in the twisted reality of those behind the curtain. All rights reserved News Punch. About Latest Posts. Previous The Hollow Earth Theory? What About The Hollow Moon? Load Comments.The term occult sciences was used in the 16th century to refer to astrologyalchemyand natural magic.

Throughout the 20th century, the term was used idiosyncratically by a range of different authors, but by the 21st century was commonly employed — including by academic scholars of esotericism — to refer to a range of esoteric currents that developed in the midth century and their descendants.

How Tantrics Make Dead Bodies Walk – Sadhguru - Occult & Mysticism Ep3

Particularly since the late twentieth century, various authors have used the occult as a substantivized adjective. In this usage, "the occult" is a category into which varied beliefs and practices are placed if they are considered to fit into neither religion nor science. In that same period, occult and culture were combined to form the neologism occulture.

The idea of "occult sciences" developed in the sixteenth century. During the Enlightenment, the term "occult" increasingly came to be seen as intrinsically incompatible with the concept of "science".

In his book Primitive Culturethe anthropologist Edward Tylor used the term "occult science" as a synonym for " magic ". Occult qualities are properties that have no known rational explanation; in the Middle Agesfor example, magnetism was considered an occult quality.

Unlike older forms of esotericism, occultism does not reject "scientific progress or modernity". In doing so, he noted, occultism distanced itself from the "traditional esotericism" which accepted the premise of an "enchanted" world.

Another feature of occultists is that—unlike earlier esotericists—they often openly distanced themselves from Christianityin some cases like that of Crowley even adopting explicitly anti-Christian stances. In various cases, certain occultists did both. Although occultism is distinguished from earlier forms of esotericism, many occultists have also been involved in older esoteric currents. The earliest known usage of the term "occultism" is in the French languageas l'occultisme. In this form it appears in A.

The earliest use of the term "occultism" in the English language appears to be in "A Few Questions to 'Hiraf'", an article published in the American Spiritualist magazine, Spiritual Scientist. Various twentieth-century writers on the subject used the term "occultism" in different ways. Some writers, such as the German philosopher Theodor W.

Adorno in his "Theses Against Occultism", employed the term as a broad synonym for irrationality. In the s, the sociologist Edward Tiryakian distinguished between occultismwhich he used in reference to practices, techniques, and procedures, and esotericismwhich he defined as the religious or philosophical belief systems on which such practices are based.

The term "occultism" derives from the older term "occult", much as the term "esotericism" derives from the older term "esoteric". Over the course of its history, the term "occultism" has been used in various different ways. In the mids, a new definition of "occultism" was put forth by Wouter Hanegraaff.

923 occult meaning

In this definition, "occultism" covers many esoteric currents that have developed from the mid-nineteenth century onward, including Spiritualism, Theosophy, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawnand the New Age.

Marco Pasi suggested that the use of Hanegraaff's definition might cause confusion by presenting a group of nineteenth-century esotericists who called themselves "occultists" as just one part of a broader category of esotericists whom scholars would call "occultists". The term "occult" has also been used as a substantivized adjective as "the occult", a term that has been particularly widely used among journalists and sociologists.

The neologism "occulture" was used within the industrial music scene of the late twentieth century, and was probably coined by one of its central figures, the musician and occultist Genesis P-Orridge.The people of Ponchatoula were also left wondering if the occult had anything to do with the crimes. One engineering school is even promoting a fascinating course on the relationship between the occult and technology.

The Nazi Party actually began as an occult fraternity, before it morphed into a political party. Here we all unconsciously eat the lotus in some occult fashion, are straightway bewitched and held willing captives. As it was, neither of us had ever heard of occult science, or of the necessity of such a regimen to the perfectionment of faculty.

He had neither patience for presentiments nor faith in anything that bordered on the occult. Either this, or the champagne, or some occult influence, had an extraordinary effect upon him. Their gains are occult curses; comfortless loss their truest blessing; failure and pain Nature's only mercy to them.

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Words nearby occult occlusion of pupilocclusiveocclusive dressingocclusive ileusocclusive meningitisoccultoccult balanceoccult bloodoccult fractureoccult hydrocephalusoccultation. Words related to occult magicveiledunknownpsychicdeepconcealedmysticweirdobscurehiddenabstrusearcanecabalisticeerieesoterichermeticinvisiblemagicalmysticalpreternatural.

Rim o' the World B. Derived forms of occult occultlyadverb occultnessnoun. Hidden; concealed. Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis. Not accompanied by readily detectable signs or symptoms.

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