Tile paneling for bathrooms

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Tile paneling for bathrooms

Our tile effect bathroom wall panels are a perfect combination. They provide the look of tiles, that so many people want for their bathroom. But they offer all of the practicalities and advantages of a modern wall panel system. The examples above give you a great idea of the types of effect that you can achieve with wall panels.

tile paneling for bathrooms

In the first example we see a mosaic tile effect panel used above the basin area and also inside the shower cubicle. The rest of the room is finished in a much lighter coloured panel to emphasise the difference. Example 2 has a larger tile design. By using a modern 3D printing technique a very realistic looking grout line can be achieved. The shower in example 3 has used a two-tone designs by employing one lighter and one darker panel. This is a great technique used as a way of adding visual interest in a bathroom design.

Mosaic tiles can be a nightmare in the bathroom as there is so much grout — and grout can cause problems. But the mosaic design in example 4 is actually a wall panel so there is no grout used at all. The panels are hugely popular with our customers.

Bathroom Wall Panels

We wish the manufactures would make a lot more! You have various options open to you when you chose to use our tile effect panels.

Fitting Bathroom Shower Panels

It is possible to create a feature wall using the panels and use a plainer design around the rest of the room. You can mix and match the same design but in different shades — such as our Modern Deco panels. All of our panel products share one common attribute: they are easy to install. There is virtually no preparation needed and they can be fitted straight over your existing tiles. This is a real bonus because because tiles have a nasty habit of taking chunks of wall with them when you try to remove them.

Were you to attempt to tile a wall after this you would first need to re-plaster the whole room. But not with panels. If you leave the tiles in place, panels can be fitted straight over; if you take the tiles off you can panel straight over. Even if there are chunks of plaster missing they will go straight up with no issues. With the addition of the Vox range of panels we can now offer tile effect bathroom wall panels that can be fitted in several ways.

Previously the Florentine range had a staggered tile pattern built into the design. This lent itself perfectly to a random installation approach because Florentine panels are printed by roller.

Printing using this method means there could be slight variations in the tile size. Although these would be very small they made obtaining a continuous datum line around the room hard work. The Vox range are digitally printed making it a much more accurate system. This enables the panels to be fitted more like actual tiles with a continuous line around the room — click here for more info.

But they can still be installed in a random fashion if you prefer. The choice is yours. Having a continuous grout line at the edge of each panel helps to disguise the joint. They are much less noticeable than would be the case with a plain or marble effect panel. It also enables panels of a different pattern to be installed side by side.

As well as the tile effect panels we also have a range of mosaic effect panels which can be used on their own or are ideal for using in conjunction with other designs to lend emphasis to certain areas.Showroom Open From 23rd June.

Our tile effect bathroom wall panels offer a range of quirky patterns and modern simplicity.

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Our collection consists of carefully selected tile effects to suit your wildest preferences, from traditional mosaics, classic stone tiles, or timeless marble tiles. Browse through our options and find the perfect fit for your bathroom, they are guaranteed to add character and flare to any bathroom. With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers.

Our collection of classic tile effect wall panels offers a dynamic range of timeless and elegant designs that can add different tones to your bathroom.

It boasts different neutral hues, warm tones, as well as, stylish modern tile designs. Find the perfect design for any space of your home and go beyond the limits with these stunning wall panels. Our Mosaic Tile Effect Wall Panels are designed to give your bathroom and other spaces a hint of sophistication. This wall panel collection offers a different design that fits any space.

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They are guaranteed to level up the aesthetics of your space while giving you the benefits of grout-free and waterproof walls. Our marble tile effect wall panel collection reflects and emanates the timeless beauty of marbles fused into EasyPanels. It features gold-infused marble tile effect wall panels, timeless black marbles, hot gold stones and a modern grey veined marble.

These panels are perfect for adding glam and charm to your bathroom walls and make it worthy of a showroom. Browse for more designs and start the bathroom makeover today. Our collection also features tile effect panels for your shower, perfect for adding flare and glamour to a simple bathroom. These shower panels are ideal for creating an inspired wet room or a luxurious shower feature.

Our panels are completely waterproof, so need to worry about water damage and mould. Transform your bathroom one click today! Our panels have that timeless tile effect but save you the time and hassle of grouting and a consuming installation process. We offer a specialised tongue and groove system that ensures that the panels slot together neatly, so you get that premium showroom finish every time. With our tile-effect wall panels, you have the power to channel your creativity by exploring its function.

You have the freedom to combine classic tile effect wall panels with the mosaic tile effect panels to highlight parts of your bathroom and achieve a more professional finish. So if you want to upgrade your bathroom cost-effectively without compromising quality and aesthetics, choose EasyPanels today!

Yesbathroom panels can be installed on top of the existing tiles in your bathroom, a hassle-free and quick process. No difference, they are the same product.

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Tradesman usually uses the term cladding as it is essentially the more technical term. Whereas, the term bathroom panel is used more commercially. However, some of our tile-effect wall panels appear to have a grout line, thanks to the modern 3D printing technique which made it possible to create a very realistic grout line without a fuss.Painting inside your home is already tricky enough. Add to that the humid environment of your bathroom and odd paneling, and you're in for a difficult job.

Although repainting the paneling in your bathroom may seem a little daunting, the process is moderately easy to complete once you get started. If you do it yourself, you'll save money as well as have the satisfaction of completing the project on your own.

Clean the paneling in your bathroom before you begin the painting process. Use basic soap and water, and scrub the paneling with a sponge or scrubber. This removes any built-up grime or dirt that has accrued over time. Once you are finished cleaning, wait for the paneling to dry. Roughen the paneling with grit sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper over all of the paneling until the surface is dull.

This creates a better surface for your primer paint and allows your final coat of paint to stick best to the paneling. This type of primer sticks best to paneling. Paint the primer onto the paneling as you would a typical coat of paint.

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A paint roller works best on paneling. Wendy Rose Gould is a professional journalist who has contributed to "Glamour" magazine and the Huffington Post, among other publications. Gould specializes in lifestyle topics. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. A paint roller will get the job done quickly. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.

tile paneling for bathrooms

Remove any excess dust created by the sandpaper with a damp washcloth. Step 4. Step 5.

tile paneling for bathrooms

Wait for the primer to dry completely. Typically, 24 hours is enough time.Personal taste will always have a huge effect on any decision that you make regarding decorating or remodelling your home. But as there are other factors that you need to take into consideration as well. Price, practicality, installation, availability and design will also have a part to play in the decision making process. In the past shower wall panels were not a cheap option. But the advent of PVC versions of the panels has seen the price steadily drop — especially in the last few years.

Shower wall panels are now similarly priced to tiles and as such make sense financially as well as on a practical level. Tiles vary massively in price. You also need to factor-in that tiles need a lot more in the way of preparation from an installation point of view. So even the cheapest tiles can work out more expensive than panelling when this is taken into account. Tiling can be a tricky art to master especially if the walls are not flat and true. Panels are extremely easy to fit and do not require any specialist tools or skills.

We have many customers who have had a go themselves and found the installation process to be simplicity itself. A bigger issue is the plumbing that might be involved with any refurbishment. If you have doubts over your ability get a professional in — it could save you money in the long run. Most products are available with quick delivery options these days and panels or tiles are no exception. Whichever product you end up choosing please take note of the following:.

Make sure you have ordered enough panels or tiles. You need to allow for wastage and the odd installation problem so make sure you have too much rather than too little. This is doubly important if you are buying discontinued items that are on sale. Does a maintenance free surface sound good to you?

If so shower wall panels would be a better choice. Once they are installed they need no maintenance and since they have no grout there is no mould or mildew — a common problem that plagues tiled showers. If you opt for tiles make sure you choose a flexible, waterproof grout.

Cheap grout will just cause long term problems and give you a headache that lasts for years.One of the best ways to give your bathroom a makeover is to change the walls.

Before you even choose between wall panels and tiles, you need to understand some key features that both materials should have to avoid problems later on. Whether you go for shower panels or tiles or something else entirely, you want to be able to install it easily. Not only will it be more cost-effective in the long run, but if you ever need to do any small repairs, you can do them yourself without a worry.

Similarly, you should go for tiles or panels that have simple maintenance to keep things easy for yourself. Lastly, you should carefully choose the style and pattern of the walls, so that it matches the theme of your bathroom and looks fantastic. Shower wall panels are also known as wet wall panels, bathroom panels, waterproof wall panels, shower boards, or decorative panels. Additionally, these panels have various other properties as well, which makes it the first choice for many bathroom renovators.

For instance, they are quite lightweight and sturdy, which makes them easy to handle. Furthermore, shower wall panels are available in acrylic and fiberglass materials as well, which have different finishes and look. Over the last few years, shower wall panels have become quite a popular choice for many.

Shower wall panels are quite easy and quick to install. Instead of cutting and placing small tiles one at a time over several days, you can put up the whole wall panels in one go. For example, a hydro panel with tongues and grooves easily clicks together for a tightly sealed wall. Unlike tiles that require grouting in between the pieces, wall panels fit perfectly and require no grouting. Any tiled bathroom owner can tell you what a headache it is to clean tiled bathrooms.

All you need is a cloth and some water. There are fewer chances of chips or cracks in the panels, so repair costs are low. Similarly, maintenance is easy, so there are no worries there either. Moreover, the PVC material of these panels is quite durable. Tiles seem to have their own charm and advantages. Fixing tiles in your bathroom is easily a one-man job. Unlike shower wall panels, which can be heavy at times and require an additional pair of hands.

Therefore, if you want to do this job alone, tiles are the way for you. It can be a little challenging to find curved wall panels or stick them in such a way that they adequately cover a curved wall. However, tiles are much easier to manipulate, and you can cut them and fix them in any shape, size, or curve. Tiles mostly use natural materials such as ceramics, which are much more environmentally friendly than the plastic used in wall panels. It depends. Shower wall panels might be expensive to buy at first, but considering their installation, maintenance, and life, they can be regarded as cheaper than tiles.

Yes, you can install shower wall panels directly over any surface, and this includes your old tiles. If you are on a budget, simple ceramic tiles are a good option for your bathroom walls, with porcelain tiles more suitable for the direct splash zones. Other than that, glass and stone tiles look pretty great too.

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However, you have to be careful in using the proper grout.Eliminate the hassle of tile grout joints once and for all. So simple to clean you can throw out your scrub brush — These panels can be cleaned with warm water and a clean cloth — or use a non-abrasive detergent. With 21 different colors and patterns you can create a modern minimalist, shabby chic, modern farmhouse, contemporary high-gloss, traditional or transitional look.

High style and grout free wall panels are not mutually exclusive. Your shower and tub walls will not look generic anymore! Everything you need — including trim profiles, adhesives, wipes and screws will be included in your kit.

Save money and effort on installation — These panels save money during installation — and over the lifetime you own your home or business. DIY friendly — Getting a contractor to install a tile wall or wall panels can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Get free design help from our wall panel experts - Since Innovate Building Solutions is not only an experienced nationwide wholesaler of wall panels and shower bases— but also an authorized installer - we can help you through any design, installation or construction questions.

We can help you choose the best shower pan and accessories for your wall panels as well. Laminated wall panels are easier and more cost effective to use and install than tile.

5 Best Bathroom Wall Options

They provide the highest quality shower, tub and bathroom wall surround panels available on the market. Here are important facts you need to know about this product:. These panels can be used anywhere you want a low maintenance surface which needs to be waterproof. The following uses are most popular:. This kit is used most around soaking tubs or showers located in the corner of a bathroom. These showers are also called corner, right angle or NEO angle showers or tubs.

This kit is used most to cover 3 walls around a small tub or shower space set off in an alcove. These showers are often called stand up showers because they are small in size. Popular sizes include: 32 x 32, 36 x 32, 36 x 42, 42 x 32, 42 x 36, 48 x 30, 48 x 32, 48 x 34, 48 x This kit is used most to cover 3 walls around a standard sized tub or shower space set into an alcove.

Popular sizes include: 48 x 48, 54 x 30, 54 x 32, 54 x 36, 60 x 30, 60 x 32, 60 x 34, 60 x 36, 72 x Whether you love the traditional look of tile, the depth of a slate finish, a contemporary high-gloss aesthetic, a modern minimalist look or the warmth of a modern farmhouse or shabby chic there is a choice for you. The options are endless! Whether your have a traditional or transitional design style these patterns will be the perfect compliment for your bathroom.

There is nothing quite as classic and elegant as a slate roof or bathroom wall tile, but what can be even more elegant is a slate wall — with NO maintenance hassles. Check out these selections. You want a relaxing bathroom away from the stress of the day. Combine modern farmhouse and shabby chic walls with some candles and a freestanding bathtub and take your worries away.

Create an easy to clean, fresh look without spending a ton of money with these popular high gloss shower, tub and bathroom wall collections. A big reason to choose laminated wall panels is their ease of installation. They are simple enough for a DIY homeowner or first-time contractor to put up without having to bring in multiple people to help.

Wall Paneling

The following videos and images will lead you through the process. Note — you can also add sheets of plywood over your studs as well. If your wall panels are going to extend beyond the shower pan — then cut the laminated wall panels to the shape of the base note — if the panels are simply going over the pan only you will not need to do this.

These panels can be cut with a table saw, router or circular saw. Attach this wood strip with screws to your studs.A beautiful bathroom makes the rest of your day that much better.

Add the realistic look of faux brick, rock or stone to your shower or surrounding the tub — or create an accent wall or wainscoting to give the space unique appeal. Other products may fade or warp or pull away from the walls in these conditions but, following proper installation techniques, our high-density, closed cell polyurethane panels don't suffer from these issues.

With all this moisture you might be worried about mold and mildew, but unlike real stone, our panels don't provide an adequate surface for mildew and mold to take hold.

Tile Effect wall panels

Bring stunning bathroom ideas to life with ease. Our lightweight products mean that you won't have to worry about weight issues like you would with the real thing. They're also very easy to install, don't require any messy mortar, no special tools required and are far more affordable.

Created using molds taken from real stone, rock and brick, our panels perfectly recreate all the subtle nuances and beauty. Once they're installed it'll be practically impossible to tell they aren't real. Beautiful look for our shower at the cabin. We use these stacked stone panels for the interior of our shower at the cabin.

It looks absolutely beautiful. Installation was easy. I didn't use any of the touch-up paint I had ordered. I found that sanded chalk used for grout lines in tile, bought at Home Depot worked out very well. I bought several earth tone colors including gray and they all matched well and was very easy.

It came out absolutely beautiful! The panels arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. The stones are very realistic and were easy to cut and put up. The bathroom actually appears to be larger than before. Home Bathrooms. Easy waterproof design with stone or brick style A beautiful bathroom makes the rest of your day that much better.

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Shop Now Photo Gallery. Our Customers say: Click to Enlarge. Dianne B. Click to Enlarge. Marvin R. Betsy Hopewell Junction, NY. Wellington Panels. Wellington offers the classic look of dry stack stone and river rock.

The rugged, natural elegance is certain to give your bathroom a noticeably sophisticated touch. Regency Panels.

tile paneling for bathrooms


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